We respect our values and adhere to them in idea and in practice throughout our activities.


Our People

Our people, as our greatest value, thrive to excel in any environment in compliance to quality work. Their commitment to professional enhancement and their dedication to customer support is one of our greatest advantages.

Technology Enhancement

We’re committed to enhancing our technology, our service quality and our work standards continuously.

Our customers

We are dedicated to add value to what our customer’s value, we engage with them in their challenges and we’re determined in seeking performance improvements in our turn.

Our Culture of Improvement

Moving towards excellence in the work we perform, both individually and team-wise, is what B.O.P.S. built up as a culture. We’ve recognized our culture of continuous and dynamic improvement as one of our greatest advantages driving our success.

Compliance to Standards and HSEQ

Moving towards top line of oilfield standards, B.O.P.S. is determined to perform its operations in compliance to high standards of service, health, safety, environment and quality.