Our Lab

BOPS performs conventional cement, acid and gravel pack system testing according to API/ISO methods to measure:

  • Thickening time at BHCT or other
  • API Compressive Strength test (crush test)
  • Compressive Strength at BHST and API pressure or other
  • Atmospheric consistency
  • API Free Water
  • Fluid Loss with 1000 psi pressure differential pressure and
    temperatures up to 175 deg C.
  • Rheology at temperatures up to 90 deg C.
  • Gel strength
  • BP settling test
  • Determination of Slurry Density
  • Mud/Spacer/Cement compatibility
  • Linear expansion of the cement

BOPS can also provide the below tests trought an external certified laboratory to complete the slurries design:

  • Gel Strength development (SGSA tester)
  • Gas Flow Model
  • Mud Removal and Spacer Wettability
  • Shear Bond Strength
  • Measure of tensile characteristics of the set cement

Common tests that have been performed in the laboratory with regard to stimulation are:

  • Rheology of gelled or cross-linked fluids
  • Water analysis
  • Emulsion tests, wax and asphaltenes
  • pH testing of produced fluids
  • Sludge creation

Calibration of laboratory equipment is normally performed according to API procedures and/or BOPS’ own procedures. Frequency of calibration depends on the amount of use and the rate at which changes happen, but in most cases the BOPS lab follows the frequencies defined in API RP 10B or in manufacturers’ manuals.

Our Lab Equipment
Chandler3 Chandler4-5 Ofite
Pressurized Consistometer Monitoring
Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer
Left: mod.4265A/400 °F; 22.000 psi
Right: mod. 2000-5/400 °F; 5.000 psi
Compact Expansion Mould, Mod.7-700-20
10.000 psi , 750 °F
Pressurized Consistometer
Left: mod. 7-25-11/400 °F; 25.000 psi

Right: mod. 7-1-15/400 °F; 25.000 psi
FANN Instrument
Rotational Viscometer, Mod.35SA – 12 speeds
600; 300; 200; 100; 60; 30; 6; 3; 1.8; 0.9; RPM
Atmospheric Consistometer, Mod.12-75
200 °F
HTHP Filter Press, Mod. Rev.B
175 ml, 2.500 psi, 350 °F
Compact Curing Chamber, Mod.7-700-20
10.000 psi , 750 °F
Compression Strength Tester Mod.AP-105
Max hydraulic pressure: 60.000 psi